About Us

Our Clinic developed from the former Žydrūnas Kazakevičius Dental Office that started its activities in 1998. Throughout all these years, the medical establishment has preserved the traditions based on quality and reliability.

According to the Manager of the Clinic, Ž. Kazakevičius: “During the era of advertising, where the patients are offered a great variety of services and technologies, it is easy to get lost between the true values. The work performed by the doctor in the patient’s mouth, whatever the scope and type, becomes a value only if it lasts for ten or more years.” The Clinic has managed to gather experienced and specialised dentists and formed conditions for team work: the condition of each patient is carefully examined, discussed and only then an optimum treatment plan, time and price are selected. The specialists of the Clinic work by applying the most advanced methods, use professional and modern dental technique bearing in mind honest communication with the patient at the same time.

We love our job and understand that what matters the most is your needs and trust.

Let your smile shine!