Benita Vaišvilaitė

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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS), qualification of dentist;
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS), periodontics specialisation residency

Doctor resident specialises in the field of periodontics – treatment and prophylaxis of tissues that surround teeth (bone and gum).
During the periodontic examination, the condition of periodontium, x-ray images and patient’s oral hygiene skills are evaluated.
The doctor treats bleeding, turgescent, red and purulent gum. The doctor provides consultation on the migratory, “elongated” teeth and retracted gum resulting in the sensitivity of the tooth and exposed dental roots.


18.11.2017 seminar “Soft Tissues Around Implants – Key to Success. From Theory to Practice”, Vilnius
29.09.2017 BOA “Sharing Experience in the Field of Dental Implantation, 2017”, Vilnius, Lithuania
25.08.2017 “Dental Implants in Aesthetical Area – How to Achieve the Ideal Result?”, Vilnius
24-25.02.2017 “Topicalities in Periodontics”, Vilnius
03-04.02.2017 “Focus on Periodontics – Periodontal Health: a Precondition to Successful Implantology” Universita Degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy
18-19.11.2016 “Regeneration and Aesthetics in Periodontology and Implant dentistry”, Bern, Switzerland
21-23.04.2016 “International Osteology Symposium Monaco”, Monaco
26-27.02.2016 1st International Symposium “Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants”, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Department of Dentistry- Milan, Italy
29.01.2016 Practical Courses “Dental Implantation Basics” , Vilniaus Implantologijos Centras, Vilnius
27.11.2015 International Congress “Quintessence of Periodontology and Implantology”, Vilnius
07.11.2015 Scientific Conference “Good Clinical Practice Pursuant to the Evidence-Based Medicine”, Kaunas
02.10.2015 Practical Courses “Immediate Implantation and Prosthesis: Team Attitude”, Vilnius
07-08.08.2015 Implantology Courses “Implant summer school”, T. Koržinsko klinika, Klaipėda
28.02.2015 Conference “Topicalities in Periodontics”, Vilnius
03.10.2014 Practical Courses of T. Koržinskas “Learning to Implant”, Kaunas
06.09.2014 BOA Conference “Novelties in Dental Implantation, 2014”, Kaunas
04.04.2014 Conference “Novelties and Topicalities in Dentist’s Practice”, Palanga


Article “Association Between Pre-Eclampsia and Chronic Periodontitis” in Journal “Sveikatos Mokslai”, 2015


From 2015 onwards 
Member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber

From 2016 onwards
Member of the Lithuanian Society of Periodontics
Member of the European Association of Periodontics