Dental hygiene

higiena1Professional oral cavity hygiene

Professional dental hygiene means a removal of soft and solid dental plaque with special instruments. During this procedure, soft plaque and tartar are removed which are located above and under the gums; the pigmentation marks resulting from frequent use of coffee, tea, red wine, smoking or use of certain medication are cleaned.

Professional dental hygiene is recommended every 6 months, subject to the individual dental hygiene skills and tendency of accumulation of tartar. In case of progressed pathology of periodontitis, this procedure is recommended every 3-4 months. However, even in case of lack of tartar that is not visible with the naked eye, it is recommended to perform prophylactic dental hygiene once a year.

It is important to understand that constant care helps to avoid dental problems and to save time and money. Regular visits to the dental hygienist shall become a habit for those who care about their health, because dental and gum diseases have a negative effect on our entire organism.

higiena2Air-flow method

“Air-flow” is one of dental plaque removal techniques. It is an excellent and painless way to clean nicotine, coffee or tea plaque and to lighten the teeth. “Air-flow” cleans dental plaque in a faster and more effective manner as compared with regular dental polishing means. It is highly effective even in hardly accessible areas. A strong flow of air, water and soda powder directed to the dental surfaces cleans any accumulated plaque in a fast and painless way. After “Air-flow” procedure, you will be pleasantly surprised by your natural smile as well as the feeling of comfort and cleanliness inside your mouth.