Dental treatment


dentist-428647_1920It is the most common medical procedure performed at the dentist’s office. Filling allows to restore the dental function and aesthetics and various sealing materials are used for this reason. In other words, filling means the cleaning of cavities (decay or caries) with a drill and filling with a special material.



gydymas1Endodontic treatment is used to treat dental root canals. Such treatment is applied in case of inflammation or infection of a pulp (nerve) inside root canal. This can result due to a number of reasons, for example, due to deep karyotic cavities inside the tooth when repeated dental procedure were performed in the same tooth, due to dental split, break, etc. If the pulp inflammation or infection is not treated, the patient incurs permanent and increasing pain and this may result in the formation of abscess.

Modern treatment with microscope

Nowadays, endodontic treatment is performed by using advantageous technologies and treatment methods. One of the newest technologies in modern dentistry which is also applied by the specialists of our clinic, is dental microscope. It is irreplaceable when identifying something that specialist would not be able to see with a naked eye, for example, to find the fourth root canal of the molar or calcified canals, notice the perforation of the top of root or eliminate root channel blocks and broken instruments.

Dental microscope allows endodontist to see from 3 to 20 times magnified and ideally lighted image of the area and perform treatment procedures in a more accurate and successful manner, for example, to treat root canals or eliminate foreign bodies present in the root canal. It is very important, because, in case of failure to perform that, the infection in canals can travel to the surrounding tissues and cause bone destruction in the jaw. In case of failure to treat the tooth in a timely and professional manner, the only procedure that could be expected is the extraction of tooth.




"Calamus Dual" is a dental root canal filling system. During the procedure, a vertical canal condensation is performed and the canal is filled in a solid manner and for a long period of time.

The filling of canal with hot gutta-percha decreases the likelihood of root fracture. Furthermore, the application of this method allows to achieve reliable filling of additional canals.

During the procedure, the canal can be filled up to the necessary level and that is useful in order to perform a specific procedure, for example, place a glass-fibre post.

gydymas6dentist-428647_1920 The clinic treats not only parents, but also their children. We know that focus on a child and friendly cooperation with dentists can contribute to the education of proper hygiene skills. Our clinic:
- teaches children of proper teeth brushing skills;
- performs prophylactic hermetisation of dental canals with sealants;
- fill primary and permanent teeth with respective fillings;
- treat dental canals;
- provide emergency aid in case of traumas;
- provide consultations on the matters of orthodontic treatment.