Eglė Žukauskaitė

Eglė gyd. ortopedė

Dental orthopaedist



Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – orthopaedic dentistry residency programme

Doctor resident specialises in orthopaedic dentistry (also called prosthesis). It is a reliable and effective method of treatment facilitating to restoration the missing teeth and improvement of the condition of the existing teeth. Prosthesis becomes necessary when a tooth or a group of teeth are heavily damaged by decay, frayed, damaged as a result of accident, trauma or disease or when their restoration is impossible by dental fillings. Prosthetic can restore both a single tooth and a group of teeth.


BMOD “Indirect Restorations: From Idea to Final Result. Intriguing Odyssey of Restoration Dentistry”

LEFOS “Aesthetics and Function”

International Conference “Perfection in Dentistry. World Leader’s Aims and Achievements”

OOSK “Orthopaedic Dentistry: Modern Technologies and Classic”

International Congress “From Ideas to Achievements”

G. Kobs “Restoration of Frayed Teeth by Lifting the Occlusion with Composites”

LOOD “Prevention of Complications in Orthopaedic dentistry”

Mauro Fradeani, Giacomo Fabbri “Metal-free Ceramic Restoration: From Minimum Invasive to Large Prosthetics on Implants”

Anna Salat, Jordi Manauta, Guseppe Chiodera “Direct and Indirect Minimum Invasive Restorations”


From 2015 onwards

Lithuanian Dental Orthopaedic Society