Tooth whitening

higiena3Tooth whitening with tray system

When whitening teeth with trays, the dentist produces individual special trays and teaches the patient about tooth whitening technique at home. Tooth whitening gel is filled to a tray and placed on the teeth. The gel contains active whitening component – carbamide peroxide. It splits to oxygen radicals that pass to enamel and break down pigment compounds. The structure between teeth does not change, the enamel becomes lighter and remains undamaged.



Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the most advanced teeth whitening method. A very modern laser is used for whitening teeth at the Clinic in a fast, painless and effective way.

It has been scientifically proven that this tooth whitening method is safe to dental tissues, because the whitening substance has no contact with the surrounding tissues during the procedure. Dental enamel changes are not visible even by an electronic microscope.


Whitening of dead teeth

Negyvo danties balinimas (1)Negyvo danties balinimas (2)Endodotically treated or dead teeth tend to darken in time, the colour between these and live teeth start to show contrast. The procedure of whitening of such teeth is different from whitening of healthy teeth. A special material is introduced into the canal of dead tooth. Whitening material is changed every several days until the achievement of the desired shade of white colour.